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Featured Artist March - May 2002

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by Fraser Leonard

Picnic at the Playground
18" x 24" - 2002
Acrylic, gold and silver leaf collage on canvas
Valued at $ 1200
Picnic at the Playground
Bonnie Hall
Crown Point, IN

"Picnic at the Playground", a convexo canvas, is an abstract of a happy picnic with highlighted surface treatments of gold, silver and copper leaf. It reflects light from one color to the next and the red color represents life with all its warmth and rhythm.

Fraser Leonard
Featured Artist
Fraser Leonard

Fraser Leonard was born December 1941 in Atlanta, Georgia. Hereditary roots appear in his family as poets, painters, writers, singers, wood carvers, ship builders, actors, builders, designers, and the list is quite extensive. The lineage of his creative past bears witness to what he is today. His father created with wood or concrete and was accomplished at furniture design. His mother, a talented watercolorist, was enriched with a beautiful voice. The beautiful part of all these hereditary factors is that it drives him to explore the unknown using his creative skills to achieve a finished piece of art.

He began his art career at the tender age of five and remembers having a talent to copy ideas directly from pictures. Art classes were unavailable in the lower grades and he saved his money as a teenager to take the course "Famous Artist" which was founded by Norman Rockwell. He spent his high school years in the attic at home teaching himself lesson by lesson. His first competition at age 12 was successful and won him first prize for painting a poster of Uncle Sam holding a poppy.

In 1961, he headed to the University of the Ozarks in Arkansas and found he was torn between commercial and fine art . He found that fine art finally ruled and received a Bachelor of Fine Art and followed with graduate work at Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville. Fraser also worked toward a masters at Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri. He spent forty years learning how to be an artist and refining his work.

Amethyst Arrangement
Acrylic and Mixed Media
24" x 28", 2001

Amethyst Arrangement

His inspiration comes from the environment which sends a strong message each day. "Light and what it does to surroundings has an effect of how and what one sees and interprets." His reactions to events and their meaning express their importance on three dimensional surfaces. Sometimes, a simple sound will remind him of an experience or a glimpse of something or someone will then show up in his work. After creating 5000 works of art, confidence is a major backbone to his expression.

Temptations of the Heart

Temptations of the Heart
Acrylic, Wood, Metal Leaf and Mixed Media
35 1/2" x 30 1/2", 2001

Whether morning, noon or night, the creative process just comes forth. His inspiration comes forth whether he's relaxed or excited, has good light or even just a calm atmosphere.

Art is a full-time profession and has been his avocation since his early retirement from teaching. "Having time to store up creative juices is important so that one is powered-up to challenge the unknown during a creative process."


Carnival Caravan
Acrylic and Mixed Media
30" x 40", 2001
Carnival Caravan

His collectors feel excitement and become spiritual with his work. It also evokes peace, newness, freshness, clean and powerful emotions. Fraser's work is meant to inspire rather than have a passive effect. To inspire pleases him and he want's others to derive some happiness and inspiration from his work.

His Welded Wall Reliefs tend to mesmerize with all the reflections of light bouncing from the canvas to attract the eye.


Mixed Media, copper enamel, wood, acrylic and brass
34" x 35", 2001

Having grown up with sports, he enjoys football, baseball, and field and track. He thoroughly enjoys seeing young people get ahead and achieve their goals. He prefers to avoid loud noises, snobs and brash individuals and is troubled by the misuse of our lands and what we will leave for future generations. He has a great love for the out-of-doors, lakes, country and family. He respects the love of his wife and all that she is, love of friends and how important they are in ones life cycle are the things that make life grand. "But most of all, I love my Lord and look forward to learn more from Him each day."

Red Sands
Acrylic and metal leaf
60"x 36", 2001

Red Sands

His hobbies include fishing since it is like the unknown. "You can only guess what's coming up to the surface; it is like each stroke on the canvas -- you wonder what is going to happen, that's the fun of it." He also enjoys traveling to see all that you can see.

Petals of Metal
Petals of Metal
Mixed Media, copper enamel, wood, and steel
38" x 32", 1999

His art is expressed in wood, steel, copper, brass, on stretched canvas with acrylic paints, inks, water colors and copper enamels. Awards for his work date back to 1965 when he garnered the Top Purchase Award at the Arkansas Arts Festival. Since then, he has welcomed numerous awards for his art as well as one-man exhibits over the years in various states such as Arkansas, Georgia, Minnesota, Tennessee, Illinois and Missouri.

Acrylic and metal leaf
60"x 48", 2002
$5500.00 Newest work


Exhibitions and Awards

1962-1966: Arkansas Arts Festival - Top Purchase Award 1965 and Purchase Award 1966
1966: One Man Show at Hendrix College, Conway, AR
1968, 1970: St. Louis River Roads Art Exhibit, St. Louis, MO, Top Award 1968 and 1970
1970: Annual Ten-State Exhibition, Springfield, MO, Top Purchase Award
1971: 41st Annual Ten-State Exhibition, Springfield, MO, Top Purchase Award
1971-1975: One Man Show at Reflexions Gallery - 1971, Atlanta, GA
1973: One Man Show Retrospective at Mark Twain South County Bank, St. Louis, MO
1976: Delta Exhibition, Little Rock, AK, Awarded
1980-85: Clayton Art Gallery, Clayton, MO
1983: Carillon Art Exhibit, Clayton, MO
1985-87: Art Happening, Queeny Park, St. Louis, MO, 2nd Place/Painting - 1985, Judge 1987
1986-87: Shirley Fox Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1989: One Man Show at Barucci's West Gallery, St. Louis, MO
1990-91: J. Michael Gallery, Minneapolis, MN
1992-93: Contemporanea Art Gallery, Hot Springs, AR
1993: Art Happening, Queeny Park, St. Louis, MO, Salute to the Masters
1997: One Man Show at Bell South Exhibit, Atlanta, GA
1997-Present: B. Jackson Gallery, Atlanta, GA
1999: Queeny Park Park National Exhibit, St. Louis, MO
2000: Millstone Gallery, St. Louis, MO
2001-Present: Norton's Gallery, St. Louis, MO
1995-Present: Creative Fine Arts - 1995, St. Louis, MO
2002: Advanced Technology Center at Historic St. Charles, St. Charles, MO
2002: Innsbrook Resort Country Club, St. Louis, MO, One-man Show

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As Henry Moore said, "I am just interested in the shape of things." I really love Henry Moore and I, too, am interested in the shape of things. What I like about a blank canvas is that I'm not sure what is going to happen; all I know is, it is so much fun to take what's inside of me and share with others, however the Holy Spirit guides me. Now whether others like my work or not, I cannot be concerned. I must be honest with myself about how I express myself with wood, paint or metal. ~ Fraser Leonard