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Heidi Maiers
Heidi Maiers
  Heidi Maiers has been sculpting on and off all of her life. She was born in Lancaster, California in 1960 and is the last of eight children. Heidi's love of sculpting developed at an early age when she discovered that she could make figures out of the clay soil of the hot Mojave desert. She was thrilled to learn that her clay figures dried to a state of permanency when left out in the scalding sun. Heidi also dabbled at painting and drawing in her youth and won several awards at county fairs for her pen and ink drawings. However, she has discovered that 3 dimensional sculpting comes more naturally to her. Heidi works full time at a software development company and will often spend the wee hours of the mornings at her life long passion - sculpting.

Heidi is our Portrait Sculpture Artist and we welcome her to ArtQuest !

Clay with Clear Crackle Finish & Jatoba Base
Actual Photograph
Finished Sculpture

Each piece that Heidi creates is hand made and individually fired with a unique patina. There will be slight variances in the actual finish color. Quality photographs are important to a successful sculpture and can be mailed. Digital photos can also be submitted via e-mail. This sculpture is Fired Clay and would be priced at $4900 per the Price Chart below.
Clay With Green Bronze Finish & Black Walnut Wood Base
Actual Photograph
Finished Sculpture

This particular Fired Clay Sculpture with a Green Bronze Finish almost looks like a true bronze sculpture. Weight is the true variable in distinguishing a Green Bronze Finish Clay Sculpture versus a Green Bronze Finish Bronze Sculpture. This sculpture is Fired Clay with a Green Patina and would be priced at $4900 per the Price Chart below.


  • Is there a way to see the work in progress ?
  • What if I dislike like the finished Portrait ?
  • If I'm not satisfied, is there a refund ?
  • Can I order additional castings ?
  • Can I include a Note Card ?
  • How much is shipping and is crating included ?
  • Is there a sales tax ?
  • How do I pay for the Portrait ?

ResultsHow long will it take to get my Sculpture Portrait?

Upon receipt of your photographs, you can expect to receive your fired clay sculpture portrait in 6-8 weeks and a true bronze sculpture portrait in 12 weeks. This time may vary slightly but a delivery date will be provided upon receipt of payment. The artist can not really rush this process because of drying time.

ResultsWhat kind of photographs should I send?

Professional photographs are always nice, but are not needed. The preferred method for creating the portrait is actually meeting with the subject, but is not always possible. Quality photos of the front and profile of the subject are the minimum. Preferably, many angles are requested. The best results can be achieved if the following guidelines are followed:

1) Take the photos against a dark background. If you have a black piece of material, hang it over a door and take the picture while the party stands in front of it.

2) Digital photos are preferred over 35 mm since the artist can blow them up much bigger and print them. Don't worry if the file size is large. Send the very best images you have since bandwidth is not a problem here. If you're on a phone line connection, you can send each image in a separate email if you prefer. And if 35 mm photographs is what you're taking, just send them to ArtQuest and we will digitize them for you.

3) If possible, take a series of 8 photographs. A front and back, and then turn the party in quarter turns. ie: front, 3/4, side, 3/4, other side, back), one angled down on party and the other angled up at the subject. The idea is to catch all angles of the individual. If the artist can not see the angles then she can't create a likeness.

ResultsWhere should I send the photographs?

ArtQuest, Inc.
PO Box 50291
St. Louis, MO 63105

You may also email uncompressed digital images to:

ResultsCan I email the images?

Yes, you can email a scanned picture in a jpg, gif, tiff, bmp, or psd format. Keep in mind that compression eliminates the detail needed to see the fine lines in your picture so please do not compress your image. Email only the very best scanned image without any compression.

ResultsCan I smile in the photographs ?

Please - NO TEETH. The artist feels there is something genuinely creepy about a sculpture with an open mouth or teeth showing. Just a pleasant, relaxed expression is always the best and produces a quality look in a portrait sculpture.

ResultsAre my photographs returned?

Yes, photographs can be returned upon your request.

ResultsWhat do you include in the finished Portrait Sculpture?

The head, of course, attached to a finished square hardwood base with a routed edge that you will choose on the order form. The base has protective feet and the artists signature is on the bottom. It also comes with a brass name plate that is 3" x 1/2" and is engraved with the person's first name and year of creation, i.e., ROBERT 2002.

ResultsIs there a way to see the work in progress

Yes. Upon payment and receipt of photographs, the artist will provide a web address to visit so you can watch the progress as she moves from stage to stage. In fact, when ordering the bronze, she wants you to sign off on the casting so it's imperative you send her your thoughts throughout the process.

ResultsWhat do I do if I dislike the finished Portrait?

ArtQuest will guarantee that you will treasure your Sculpture Portrait and Heidi provides an url so you can watch the sculpture materialize before your eyes.  You will also receive an email with several attached images of the finished portrait before it is actually fired. This will give you the opportunity to critique the work and have the artist make any changes before it is fired and shipped to you.

ResultsIf I'm not satisfied, is there a refund ?

Yes, a full refund will be given if you are not completely satisfied with the scanned images that are emailed to you before firing takes place. ArtQuest wants you to be happy with your Sculpture Portrait. Of course, the completed portrait will not be shipped if a refund is given. Fortunately, the artist has indicated that in all the time that she has been making portraits for people, she has never had an unhappy customer. In fact, she has not had a customer yet that wasn't so happy with his first piece that another was ordered. She had one client order a total of 6 over a 3 year period. The only unhappy customer she experienced was a client who dropped his clay bust about 10 years after he bought it (they break if you drop them) - but he had the forethought to have it insured and was reimbursed.

ResultsCan I order additional castings?

Additional castings may be ordered only for bronze sculptures. Additional castings in bronze are $1500 each for a single and $1900 for a double person sculpture.

ResultsCan I include a Note Card?

Of course ! If you are purchasing a Portrait as a gift for someone, our Order form will walk you through the complete process and a personalized note card can be included with your portrait.

ResultsHow much is shipping ?

Each portrait is carefully crated and insured. The cost to ship a Ceramic Clay Sculpture of one person is $50 and a 2 person is $65. The cost to ship a Bronze Sculpture of one person is $75 and a 2 person is $100. Sculpture shipped outside the United States will require a specific shipping quote.

ResultsIs there a sales tax ?

If the portrait is ordered or shipped to the state of Missouri, a sales tax of .07325 will automatically be added when you're filling out the Order Form. Otherwise, no sales tax is due from any other state or country.

ResultsHow do I pay for the Portrait ?

Payment is required before work on your portrait begins. Our Order form will walk you through the complete process and will also give you a chance to personalize a note card to be included with your portrait. You will also enter the shipping address so that if you purchase a portrait as a gift it can be shipped directly to the recipient. You can use our Secure Server to pay by Credit Cart, Check or Money Order. Since Gifts are products and not online services like the rest of our listings, we must calculate tax for Missouri residents. As such, we need to keep the product transactions separate from the other listing transactions such as Links, Advertisements and Sell Listings. For this reason, completing your GIFT transaction from Step 1 to Step 4 all at one time is required. Clicking the Order Button will take you to Step 1.

Pricing based on type of sculpture for 1 or 2 people
Sculpture can be ordered with 1 or 2 people
Overall sculpture height approximately 14"
Fired Clay
Price does not include shipping
True Bronze
Price does not include shipping
1 Person - Head and neck 75%-100% life-size $4900 $8400
2 Person - Head and neck 70%-90% life-size $9800 $16800

You'll also be able to Choose A Finish
The actual finish is applied by hand, so there will be color and pattern variations.
Fired Clay Choices True Bronze Choices
Clear Matte Clear Crackle Clear Gloss Brown Bronze Pewter Green Bronze Brown Bronze White Bronze Green Bronze
Clear Matte Finish
Clear Crackle Finish
Clear Gloss Finish
Brown Bronze Finish
Pewter Finish
Green Bronze Finish
Brown Bronze Finish
White Bronze Finish
Green Bronze Finish

You'll also be able to Choose A Wood For The Standard Square Base Of Sculpture
Wood colors have varying shades of darkness depending on the cut of wood. These are all cross cut views.
Paduak Jatoba Zebra Mahogany Red Oak Black Walnut Cherry