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Costs For Services

Art Listing: $10.00 for a 6-month listing

List one work of art for sale with your direct email link. Interested parties email you directly and you will handle your own sales. After you submit the Sell Form, a unique number is generated for your listing. Please include the unique listing number with any correspondence. Images can be attached at checkout, emailed later or photographs sent via U.S. mail for scanning. If you're mailing a photograph, scanning is $5 per image. You can change your listing information any time you wish and change your image up to 3 times in the 6 month period at no-charge. The listing fee breaks down to about a nickel a day to list a work of art.

Private Placement Listing: Free Art Listing - Placement Fee due upon sale

Private Placement is an easy way for people with or without computers to add art to our service that is priced at $1000 or more. ArtQuest simply acts as a liaison between anonymous sellers and/or buyers who place or respond to listings until the time of sale. Upon a sale, a fee is due from the party who submitted the listing. Each member can list up to 12 Private Placement listings by any one artist name. More info on Private Placement Listings.

Viewing Rooms: Free

Create Viewing Rooms by artist name, media or price range. Art is automatically added to each of your Viewing Rooms that matches the specifics you've entered. You will also receive an Email as new art is added to ArtQuest that matches your particular Viewing Room to notify you that new art has been placed in your Room for viewing. ie: Looking for only sculpture? Create a Media Room and all sculpture listed at ArtQuest will appear in your Media Viewing Room. This is strictly a private area and you are the only person who can access your Viewing Rooms.

Additionally, as you add art for sale to ArtQuest, "Your Listing Room" will automatically be created showing you all the art listings that you've added to ArtQuest.

Link Listing: Free for Reciprocal Link Exchanges or $25.00 a year

Link your web site so it appears in our Links Library. Of course, if you place a link on your site back to ArtQuest, there is No-Charge to be listed in our library. Just make sure to check the Free Link Exchange box on the Links Library Form so the system does not charge your account. If you do not offer a Link Exchange on your site, the annual fee breaks down to about 7 cents a day.

Bulletin Board Ad: 11 cents a day or approximately $20 for a 6 month ad

List your openings, exhibits, reviews, news, catalogs, art you are seeking to purchase and art related products and services. Your ad will be listed on the start date and removed on the end date you provide. You can choose to list your advertisement for 1 day or 365 days or anything in between. The Bulletin Board is for art related information and services, NOT for art that you're selling. If you list art that you are selling on the Bulletin Board, it will be automatically removed. You can also change your ad any time to keep up with monthly exhibitions.

Personalized Wings: Free

A tool created for your enjoyment ! Personalized Wings allow you to collect your favorite images as you browse the art that members have listed for sale with ArtQuest. You may create as many Wings as you wish and it is a great business tool. Simply create Wings of art for your various clients to browse or use Wings as a simple way for you to collect images you find interesting.

Watch Rooms: Free

Watch Rooms is a free service and a private area for members. Add an unlimited number of Watch Rooms by Artist Name, Media or Price and art is automatically added to a Viewing Room that matches the specifics you've entered. You will also receive an email to visit your Viewing Rooms as new art for sale is added to ArtQuest that matches your specifics. With your email address and password, you are the only one who can visit the Viewing Rooms that are created from the Watch Rooms you add.

Check Out Tips

Comodo Authentic Site Secured by SSL

After submitting any form, a Success Page appears as the listing is successfully added to our service. You can then choose to Check Out at any time by clicking on the Check Out Image that appears at the top of each page you visit thereafter until you checkout. When you decide to check out, credit card customers can enter information on our secure site. The key on your browser, which is usually separated, will connect when you visit a secure page. All information submitted from that page will be encrypted when sent to us. All credit card transactions are automated, secure and private - three powerful features at the heart of the Comodo as an Authentic Site. So please feel safe in knowing your information is secure.

Visa, Mastercard and Discover are accepted for all our services and you'll be using our secure server for any type of payment. If you prefer to pay by check or money order, when mailing your check, please indicate all the unique listing numbers provided upon Check Out to show what your check covers for payment. Out-Of-Country checks are only accepted when they are made out in US dollars. All checks and photographs can be sent to:

ArtQuest Inc.
PO Box 50291
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Questions, suggestions or comments can be sent to