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Private Placement Art Listings

When you're ready to sell a work of art, Private Placement allows a person a way to list art anonymously using ArtQuest as the contact for the sale. Private Placement listings are free of charge until a sale occurs. Upon a sale, a Placement Fee is due.

All art that is listed for sale by Private Placement must be priced at $1000 US dollars or more and display an image. The image must arrive for posting within 2 weeks of the listing date or the listing will be removed. Listings remain active for 6 months and you may add up to 12 Private Placement listings by the same artist name. Private Placement Listings must be renewed every 6 months even though there is no listing fee. An email will be sent 30 days before expiration, giving you plenty of time to renew. Renewing a listing indicates that the work of art is still available for sale. You may not list art by the same artist name using both Private Placement and the normal Listing Service. The normal Listing Service publicly shows your own email address as immediate contact for the sale and Private Placement Listings remain private and anonymous up until a sale occurs.

Literally hundreds of artworks have sold through Private Placement. Please be sure that you accurately specify the condition of the artwork. We have only encountered one sale where the work of art was returned due to inaccurate information regarding condition of the piece. When it comes to condition, honesty is always the best policy. Complete refunds are issued if a work of art does not pass inspection.

ArtQuest is a service that puts people directly in touch with each other and is not liable or responsible for buying, selling, appraising, authenticating or inspecting art. ArtQuest simply communicates back and forth between the parties via email, fax, phone or whatever method the parties involved prefer. All information is sent anonymously until serious interest is shown.

When interest proceeds to the shipping/inspection stage, introductions play an important role in a smoother acquisition. Upon receipt of payment to ArtQuest, both parties are then introduced. The "Introductory Email" will outline the responsibilities of both the Buyer and Seller. Funds are held by ArtQuest and must clear our account before we notify the Seller that shipping can take place. The Seller pays shipping and insurance unless both parties have agreed upon an alternative arrangement. Upon receipt of the art which is indicated by the chosen shipper's time stamp of delivery, the Buyer has 3 days to have their own art appraiser or expert inspect the art and notify ArtQuest that the work of art is accepted and the sale approved. Upon approval of the sale, ArtQuest will release the funds to the Seller less the Placement Fee. If the Buyer does not contact ArtQuest within the 3 day grace period, this is also considered acceptance. If a shipment does not pass inspection or the Buyer simply does not like the work of art, the Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance back to the Seller. When ArtQuest has been notified that the art has been returned in its original condition, and, if ArtQuest was holding funds for the transaction, a complete refund will be returned to the proper party.

The preferred method of payment for the purchase of any Private Placement Listing is check, money order or wire transfer. Credit card payments using our secure server are accepted by members who've previously purchased art by Private Placement using check, money order or wire transfer. We no longer accept a cashier's check as a form of payment for any art purchase.

Note: ArtQuest has also been used as a trusted third party, even when a work of art is not listed by Private Placement. In this case, an interested party may be uncomfortable sending funds to an unknown party and we have filled in as a trusted third party. Members have also used our services to purchase art found at other sites since they know they are protected and trust the reputation of our company. The same Placement Fee's listed below apply to third party transactions.

Placement Fees Due Upon Sale

A Fee is due upon a sale of a Private Placement Listing and is based on a percentage of the price listed with the work of art.

Art Priced Between
Fee Due is % of Listed Price
$1000 - $2500
20 %
$2501 - $5000
15 %
  $5001 - $50,000
10 %
$50,001 or more
7 %

To add a Private Placement Listing, simply fill out the Private Placement Listing Form. If you do not have a computer and request us to fill out the form for you, the $10 listing fee applies. If you need a photograph scanned, the $5 scanning fee applies. Each time you submit the form, you'll receive a Unique Listing Number. Please include this listing number in all correspondence when emailing images or when sending photographs for scanning.

As email of interest arrives for a Private Placement listing, it will be forwarded by email to the party who listed the work of art for sale or whatever method was decided upon if we added the work of art for you. Any documents forwarded via regular postal mail should include extra postage. We'll simply address an envelope, adhere your enclosed postage and send it off the same day of receipt. Any mention of your name will delay the travel of your information. Any overnight delivery or special handling can be charged to your credit card.

When purchasing a Private Placement listing, payment can be mailed to:

ArtQuest Inc.
Attn: Private Placement
PO Box 50291
St. Louis, Missouri 63105

Of Course It's Refundable

ArtQuest wants everyone to simply enjoy the experience of buying and selling art. Upon receiving an artwork, it's highly recommended that all parties consult their art appraiser or expert or consultant for examining and authenticating the artwork within the 3 day grace period. If a shipment does not pass inspection, the Buyer is responsible for shipping and insurance back to the Seller. When ArtQuest has been notified that the art has been returned in its original condition, and, if ArtQuest was holding funds for the transaction, a complete refund will be returned to the proper party.