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Web Site Design or Re-design

Designing sites from the initial layout to the final phase is accomplished quite easily when you start out on the right foot. Your thoughts are extremely important and once they are completely known, a site is created with your viewers in mind. A mistake most often made is designing a site per a clients likes and dislikes with no regard for the actual targeted market who will be visiting. Creating a site based on what your visitor would like to see will always produce a well thought out and organized web site. Keep in mind that redesign of an existing site that is not driving traffic can help increase the target traffic. ArtQuest has been maintaining web sites that require daily and monthly updates since our inception.

Having the "freedom to design" will produce a site that everyone will enjoy visiting. Your favorite colors and what you think your final site should look and feel like will be discussed up front before any design takes place. Just remember, freedom allows us to develop not only an easily navigated site but an eye pleasing experience as well. And we have not disappointed anyone yet ! Just remember, the "ultimate site" is one that your visitors will return to over and over again.

The Basics

Having your own domain name is an important first step to "professionalism" and can be registered at many registrars these days. We'll help you check for domain name availability and register it for you as a courtesy when you've contracted us to develop your web site.

We will develop and maintain your site with any Internet Service Provider you choose. An FTP account must be established at your Internet Service Provider in order for us to transfer your site files to their servers. Or, you can choose to host your site with ArtQuest.

Our Thoughts on the Subject

ArtQuest designs unique sites and none of them look or feel the same. Some designers throw sites together from templates and then just add in the content. This is why so many sites look the same. Keep in mind, we design sites from scratch and that's why ours look and feel so different from all others. We ask many questions about what you want to accomplish before the actual design even begins and we'll need as much information as you can feasible provide. And our image creations are not borrowed from sites that have free images available. All our images are designed from scratch.

ArtQuest was the first site we designed and it has grown to include databases, automatic return email, automated forms, ecommerce, and a host of other things that allow for easy maintenance.

Site Costs

Exactly how much each site will cost to design varies from site to site and depends on what you want to create. After the initial consultation to discuss your intentions, we will send an agreement to you that details the costs involved to create your site. When we receive a signed agreement back with your deposit, we will begin the design of your site. The balance is due before the site is moved live to the net.

As site design takes place, a developmental web address will be provided so you can keep abreast of the creation of your site. Animated images, java implementation and a host of other bells and whistles are more time consuming to create, therefore cost more. But a little animation goes a long way in making your site look and feel professional as well as fun. For instance, the slide show on our main page at ArtQuest is an elegant way to provide candy for the eyes and it's a useful tool as well since it takes you directly to the information provided on each work of art. You'll also find we believe navigation through a site is extremely important and you'll always find navigational aids in every site we create. Getting lost in a site is not a very well thought out site.

Monthly Maintenance

After a site is designed, monthly maintenance becomes a necessity if you've developed an area for reciprocal links. We simply charge $5 for each reciprocal link you want added to your site whether it's a text or graphical link. And we do NOT make you wait weeks and weeks for updates and changes either. Your additions or changes are usually made within hours of your request which is unheard of in site maintenance! We simply believe that changes should be immediate and are a reflection of your own business standards. Since reciprocal links are a part of driving traffic to your site, we do not invoice you every time you want a link added. We simply invoice you based on the time needed to maintain your site and only bill you when an hour of maintenance is reached or when your account reaches $150 whether it takes one month or six months. Some sites only receive an invoice once a year depending on the additions and changes to their reciprocal link pages.

Don't Forget Marketing

Remember the movie, "Field of Dreams", where the saying "If He Builds It, They Will Come"... Forget that. Just because you build a site does NOT mean the traffic will materialize in this day of the Internet. Marketing is a very important aspect for every site. Your web address and email should be included on mailings, postcards, your stationary, business cards and whatever else you have that carries your logo. You must realize that to make your web site pay for itself, you have to integrate it into your business environment in all aspects. Remember, it's an important avenue for you to advertise and for anyone to reach you at any time of day from anywhere in the world.

Link Popularity is extremely important and should be one of the main cornerstones of site marketing. Search engines want to see that your site is part of a community of related sites and will check incoming and outgoing links to and from your site and then re-order their results based on link popularity. So, in order to gain the maximum link popularity boost, you should build your site with related outgoing and incoming quality links to and from sites containing content that's related to your site content. If there are many sites pointing back to your site, your link is ranked higher in popularity and appears higher in the search list. So, cross linking or link exchange in the same type of communities as your own is very important to garnering a top position with many search engines these days.

Cost for Web Design and Marketing

Simply fill out this Web Site Planning Guide Form to receive a quote for your site development. For all other updates and additions, our hourly fee is $150.

Sites Designed

Due to the fact that we also market the sites we design to reach the ultimate "Page 1" of many of the top search engines, we do not post them so others can not copy the marketing techniques we've used. We do want you to be able to see the designs we've created, so we've posted them in a password protected area. If you're interested in having a site designed and would like to see other sites we've created, please email for the password and web address. If you use a free email service or free email address to request this password, your email will go unnoticed.