In 1991, when 2400 baud modems were the norm, ArtQuest® released an exclusive art bulletin board service known as a BBS. The BBS provided galleries, consultants and dealers a quick way to locate art throughout the art community. In 1993, Michael Fitzpatrick of Reuters Wire Service, wrote "ArtQuest® lets dealers find, buy and sell artwork in a computerized system worthy of Wall Street". By 1994 an extensive web site was designed, not only for galleries and dealers to use, but for everyone and anyone interested in art. Since 1996, ArtQuest® has catered to people from all over the world. Anyone who is interested in buying, selling or collecting art will appreciate the variety of services offered by ArtQuest®. By directly connecting buyers and sellers, ArtQuest® has helped artists and collectors eliminate the commissions and fees usually found in the process of buying and selling art. 

Whether you're an artist, collector, consultant, dealer, designer, gallery, publisher or hobbyist extraordinaire, the easy-to-use ArtQuest® website will help you facilitate your acquisition or sale. When a work of art strikes your interest, simply email the seller by filling out the short form listed with the artwork. It's that easy! And please don't be shy, our ArtQuest® members want to hear from you and are willing to answer any of your questions as well as respond to your comments.

We are proud of the many Testimonials received from our members and visitors and encourage you to review their statements which demonstrates how others value our service. ArtQuest® believes that customer service and prompt feedback are paramount for a successful web presence and we also welcome your comments. Our secure web service makes all electronic transactions easy and secure. When sending your credit card information to us, your information is encrypted during the check out process. 

We also suggest reading our User Agreement since using the services at ArtQuest® constitutes your acceptance of this agreement. The Terms of Service will give you insight regarding copyright and how we maintain a confidential membership. We hope this allows you to feel comfortable joining the ArtQuest® service knowing your information is always kept private and secure.

ArtQuest® does not intend to take the place of your art consultant, dealer, appraiser or art expert. It is highly recommended that you continue to use their expertise and knowledge in acquiring your collections. We believe success is measured by the extent that you are willing to help others succeed, especially in the art business. The greatest legacy one can hope to leave is a long line of people who are happier and more successful because of your efforts on their behalf. With this in mind, I hope that you enjoy our web site and let others know about our service.