"In my 25 years as an artist, ArtQuest has been the best and and most satisfying way to show and sell art. They say there are 'business oriented people', or, 'people oriented people', and I think ArtQuest's success is due to its owner and director, Kathy Kahre-Samuels having both of those qualities, as well as the fact that she herself responds directly and honestly in a friendly manner to all concerns and questions."
"ArtQuest found me the exact piece I was looking for. They coordinated everything. I am a satisfied customer and would not hesitate to use them again."
"I joined the ArtQuest gallery after finding it through a search engine and being thoroughly impressed by the clarity and comprehensiveness of services and information available for both artists and collectors. My first sale came within two weeks of initially joining, which progressed very smoothly. Thank you Kathy for your prompt communications and assistance throughout the entire process. I have no hesitation whatsover in recommending ArtQuest to fellow artists."
"Again you folks have come through big time on service and follow-through on another sale! A big, big thanks to Kathy Kahre-Samuels for her professionalism and promptness."
"We have just sold our second piece from a listing on ArtQuest, and of course are very pleased and are looking forward to more sales."
"I wanted to let you know I'm having an exhibition coming up in NYC because the gallery saw my work at ArtQuest. Pretty exciting eh? And then just today another person e-mailed me about two other paintings listed. I just wanted to thank you for all the support and that I'll be renewing all my images."
"I would like to say thank you to ArtQuest for the wonderful web site design, layout, ease of use, and the wonderful reputation that it has received from art reps and galleries. I've had several inquiries from the art I have listed and more importantly, I contact galleries and with my work on ArtQuest I just give them the URL and my work can be viewed immediately! The good news is that I have found representation for my art at a wonderful reputable gallery because of ArtQuest. It all went so quic ..."
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"More than being my personal favorite arts resource, (I visit very often), ArtQuest is responsible for my first sale over the Internet! I got very excited when I received an inquiry about one of my paintings presented at ArtQuest! It was from California, the other side of the world... And when the sale finally was closed and the painting sent, I was high for a week (at least), I was really flying! I think ArtQuest is really connecting art lovers and artists, creating exciting encounters. I want t ..."
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"I have just sold an artwork through ArtQuest's Private Placement. First of all, I would like to mention that this site itself is greatly organized and easy in navigation. You can easily find the answers to all possible questions. It was my first experience of selling art with this company and I was impressed how professionally and quickly the transaction was handled. The whole selling process went very smoothly thanks to perfect organization, easy communication, and very clear and detailed instr ..."
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"Thank you very much for your help and advice with the sale of my art. Only through ArtQuest can a painting conceived after visiting Ularu in Central Australia and executed in Melbourne, find a happy home with an art collector in Greenwich Connecticut. What a way to bring the world a little closer together through the magic of art."
"Everything about my art purchase was handled very professionally and to my complete satisfaction."
"I've sold my listing titled New Slave. Thanks a lot! I'm going to list much more now. You're site is great!"
"You have a wonderful service. I used ArtQuest back in 1999 and sold the piece I had placed for sale on the site. The woman who bought it turned out to be a director of a gallery in Minneapolis (I live in Australia). She bought a few more pieces from me and recommended other people to me as well. A couple of years later, she invited me to the United States to have a show at her gallery, which was amazing. ArtQuest brought us together, and I only just figured that out!!! Thank you Kat. You have be ..."
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"I have sold two pieces to different collectors through ArtQuest and have been impressed by the care and professionalism that Kathy offers both her artists and her customers. She helps ensure that each transaction takes place efficiently and that all parties are pleased with the results. Her commitment to the site is outstanding."
"ArtQuest is a professional and efficient means for both selling and purchasing art. We recently sold our Remi Blanchard painting through ArtQuest, and the process was smooth, safe and easy. Kathy Kahre-Samuels was the perfect facilitator - she made each step simple and understandable. She was personable, knowledgeable and she inspired confidence every step of the way. We will definitely use ArtQuest again in the future!"
"I recently had the opportunity of selling my Keith Haring print through ArtQuest. The experience was outstanding in every way possible. The communication was thorough and professional and left me very impressed. Thank you for the wonderful service that you provided for both me and the buyer, who happened to be half way around the world. I highly recommend ArtQuest to anybody in the market to sell art."
"I have just completed a successful sale of two paintings on ArtQuest, in private placement, and want to say that you have a wonderful and most professional site. The details of the transaction were handled in a very efficient and very timely manner. We were impressed! E-mails were frequent and pertinent, both to the buyer and seller, and we ended up with a transaction very satisfying to both. Thanks!"
"It is a great pleasure to work with ArtQuest! Selling on this website is easy, immediate, secure and of great satisfaction. And they don't forget human contacts even though you are doing business online. Kat is a really nice person, always so clear and patient to explain how it all works and she does what she says she's going to do. Thank you and let's have more great sales together through Private Placement!"
"Thank you so much for the easy process of purchasing this work of art. I have received it, and I love it. I look forward to browsing your web site in the future. Thanks again."
"ArtQuest was there for me every step of the way. From the moment I sent my first email showing interest in a small painting to the moment the actual art work arrived. Talk about a simple process. I will send my friends who collect art to ArtQuest for their purchases!"
"I read many of these testimonials and thought - can they be true? Well, I am very pleased with my purchase! Kathy gives 100% support and is very professional. The only thing to watch is choosing the right freight company to ship the art."
"I am a Belgian painter and I've just sold a painting to someone in New York through Private Placement. Everything went smoothly. I was impressed by the professionalism of the site. I really want to thank Kat for her kindness. I've just decided to list more art on ArtQuest."
"I am quite pleased with the sale of my work at ArtQuest and your help with the sale in particular - very thorough and professional. Hope we will do business with each other again."
"I have been buying and selling art through ArtQuest for several years and can clearly say that it is much easier and simpler than one may think. It is a superbly organized website, very user friendly and dynamic which serves as a wide and colorful stage to every existing kind of art. And to think that it is all an exclusive product of one terrific lady (and two parrots as assistants) makes it even more amazing. Many more glorious years, Kat."
"Excellent customer service with literally immediate response! Very friendly and comprehensive site in general. People who have experience with art dealers and sites of this kind would know how it happens in many cases. Sometimes you have to wait for a simple response to your inquiry for days and in too many cases you don't get any response at all. Thanks!"
"ArtQuest is a great service ! Since I started listing art on this site, I've sold more art plus I'm getting great exposure. Where else can I have an international audience all the time...Nowhere else but ArtQuest!"
"I am so excited to have sold an original at ArtQuest. I was a little apprehensive initially and didn't know how the whole thing would be handled, etc. I was also a little paranoid since the painting had taken a long time to paint and ArtQuest was to hold the money until the buyer had received the painting in good shape and it was to their liking. This particular sale was quite sum of money, so I was a wee bit shaky about the whole thing. As it turned out, the whole transaction, from the sale of ..."
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"I am happy that your service enabled a buyer to find my work. If not for ArtQuest, that buyer from thousands of miles away would probably never have even seen the piece they ultimately purchased. I was impressed at how clear and painless you have made the process of posting works on the site and then following up on inquiries. Finally, it has been great to experience how pleasantly and personally you have handled the entire transaction. It felt more like interacting with a live agent who was act ..."
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"Received my check today - Thank You! I couldn't be happier with ArtQuest. My internet sale was a breeze. There were no hassles! I also find your site to be one of the easiest to get around, even if you're a computer neophyte like me. Your attention to detail and quick responses make working with you a great pleasure. Looking forward to many future deals."
"I recently bought a painting through Private Placement and the work was being shipped from Russia. I was on tenderhooks the whole time I waited... it finally arrived with no problems to speak of, and I like the painting better every time I look at it. I'm now casting covetous eyes at a second painting... but I can't afford it just yet. !"
"I have benefited greatly from ArtQuest. It was about a year ago that I first listed some paintings at your site. It took a few months before I started to get serious interest from people who saw my work. Then suddenly, there was a fury of offers for my work. Within a few months I have completed sales on five paintings and I can't tell you how much it means to an artist to know that others appreciate your work. Anyone interested in reaching a larger viewing audience would benefit greatly from you ..."
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"I have now purchased 3 artworks from ArtQuest: The first item was purchased from an artist in Sweden. I was fearful of the whole process, which, in this case, included wire-transfering money to a foreign account without any recourse if the painting didn't arrive. No worry, all worked out well, and the painting was even better than I expected! Based on this positive experience, I mentioned ArtQuest to both my boyfriend and my parents. My parents checked out ArtQuest and found a painting they like ..."
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"I must write to express my misgivings about purchasing art over the net. Then I found ArtQuest. From the moment I sent my check, the artwork was literally hanging on my wall a week later. Talk about a no hassle purchase. No more physical galleries for me. I simply sent my check to ArtQuest and they kept me abreast of the process every step of the way. I'll be back again."
"I spent a significant amount of time searching for the perfect internet art site to list my art. I finally found that site in ArtQuest. Not only are the listing fees BY FAR the most reasonable on the market, but the customer service provided by Kat is the best there is. She is absolutely outstanding and even helped secure a series of sales! I could go on and on with praise for ArtQuest, but I will leave with the suggestion of 'give ArtQuest a try, for you won't be disappointed. You might even fi ..."
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"My wife simply loves her gift. You all made it possible for me to buy art easily and the customer service there is awesome."
"Someone wants to buy 'Night Beach'-- wonderful news !! This is the first painting I've sold over the Internet. You people are so helpful and I really mean it. I guess you all have an idea of what some of the other art sites are like which is why I don't list with them and only list art with ArtQuest. Thanks so much for such a great service."
"ArtQuest was the fastest and most efficient way of selling a valuable painting in my collection after I had tried to sell it on my own for a year. I don't think it was listed for more than two weeks when a buyer in the same city as my own arrived to pick it up and paid for it by check. I'd recommend the service to anyone, buyer or seller."
"Thank you for your prompt responses and for the best art site in the whole wide, wide world. I am serious. ArtQuest is just more friendly and not aloof or non-responsive like many of the others."
"This has become the right place for emerging artists to make their paintings visible to the world. We are thrilled to receive our first purchase order for a painting through ArtQuest."
"Due to ArtQuest I have my first group exhibit in New York which is due to ship in two weeks."
"I'm happy to say that I sold out of my prints from listing at ArtQuest - thanks to your wonderful site! Thank You."
"I've been remiss is telling you all that I have been contacted by several people concerning my work on ArtQuest and it is all really good. I have also been approached by galleries for new shows! Thanks again."
"Just visited ArtQuest. Very comprehensive and very impressive, organized. Hats off to you all ! Your site is one of the best I've seen!"
"Service is excellent and well thought out."
"From what I've seen, ArtQuest is very informative with appropriate links and information. I like it-Great Site."
"Thank you so much for displaying our paintings on your beautiful web site. I received my first contact from someone viewing them at ArtQuest and am proceeding forward. You are doing a great service for new artists. It is FANTASTIC. You have a wonderful web site. Keep up the good work!"
"ArtQuest is a gorgeous site and I am spreading the word !"
"You certainly did an awesome job. You are so efficient. Actually you are the best I've ever seen (well best I've never seen)."
"I am so excited to have found this resource. I have been searching the 'net for a while for information on the art industry. I will certainly be using ArtQuest. Thanks for being here."
"ArtQuest is such a great idea and it is extremely well executed."
"This looks like a great service! I will tell other artists about it."
"ArtQuest surprised me. It is excellent work and speaks well about your knowledge of the art industry."
"Thank you for providing this W O N D E R F U L service for art."
"I took some time and stopped by your site, ArtQuest. Beautiful, simply beautiful.....and provides a service that's been lacking on the web. I wish you the best success."
"Congratulations on a comprehensive and beautifully designed web site!"
"Boy you guys are fast! Well done and many thanks."
"The site looks super! One of the best I've seen."
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I think your site is incredible! Thank you for providing this wonderful service!"
"This is the quickest and best organized art site I have ever visited. You are professional."
"You offer a wonderful service at ArtQuest - I enjoy it thoroughly!"
"I have seen the future and you are a part of it."
"Great site ! What else can I say !"
"I am overwhelmed by your valuable suggestions, generosity and service."
"This is the first time that I have used the Internet to sell my art and I displayed only one painting here. It was such a very pleasant surprise to sell it from listing it at ArtQuest."
"From reading what other people have written in the testimonials, it sounds as if you're consistent in providing a very high level of support. I'm amazed that you worked so fast, and on Christmas day ! I wish more people today demonstrated this kind of dedication to quality in whatever they do."
"Love the way your quick keyword search engine works. Also love the speed with which everything goes up. The whole site is very rational and intuitive. Thanks!"
"It is so great to visit your site. It is an inspiration and the hard work is obvious. Keep up the good work."
"I think your site is perfect. I am always impressed by the artists you feature. Excellent site. Your site has helped me to make some very informative choices in my collection of art. Your links have introduced me to sites of artists that works are beautiful and expressive. Before your site, I am afraid I relied on word of mouth and brochures to help me make my choices. Now I find I have a wide selection and no longer need word of mouth. Your site is very much appreciated."
"Thank you so much for the rapid response. I have been dealing with another on-line broker, that I had to pay in advance to list, and it would take days to update. It is great working with you! I have three other Leroy Neiman's that I will be listing in the next day or so."
"Your site has been a wealth of knowledge. Great links and wonderful art."
"I just wanted to compliment you on your site. I have designed lots of sites, visited probably thousands of sites and yours stands out in every category. Awesome job."
"Your efforts are something irregular in our cruel life."
"You have a very intricate opening page. Very impressive and very quality stuff!"
"When I created my little gallery your site was my 'Mentor'."
"I really do think you are doing a fantastic job with AQ. It really is one of the very best art sites on the web."
"Since you folks were brilliant enough to put ArtQuest together in the first place, I feel honored to have been able to -- in a small way -- help you with the site. New media-illiterate artists around the world salute you!"
"It is my pleasure to be able to recognize quality service. It is one of the things that is sadly lacking in so much of our everyday lives. I am impressed with how rapidly you got the postings completed and appreciate that very much. I wish everyone that I dealt with was as efficient. Thank you again for your good service."
"I think that your concept in providing this service is a landmark for the wave of the future and I can only think that you will be very successful in this endeavor."
"By the way, I really like the design of your site - it's easy to get around in and the menu's are intuitive and simple to use."
"I REALLY liked your website! I thought the slideshow was a real class act!"
"I've been with other .COM companies and NONE compare to the consistent and timely service that you guys afford customers. I would and will recommend you to anybody... Use my name, E-mail and phone number as a reference if you like. THANKS!!!"
"I visited your site and it's great. I really liked it very much and bookmarked it. Congratulations!!"
"Your site is superbly done and I am very delighted to be a part of it."
"I just want to let you know that I think your site is absolutely aesthetic and top notch. I am proud to have my work exhibited and I think it looks great among the works of the other artists. Also, you did a beautiful job of arranging my extra photos in the enlargement page that appears when someone clicks on the small pic at the listing. Thank you all for creating such a lovely and excellent venue for artists!"
"We just found your service today and find it very interesting. We were very impressed. It is very well done (despite the image download times). Kudos to your designer/developer."
"You have a fine site and I'm glad to be a member of it."
"I have changed info in my listings already -- it is one of the great features of your site!"
"Your site is one of the easiest to navigate in, and the art images are great."
"I think that the ArtQuest is one of the best sites that I have seen today!! I can't tell you how many I have seen either!! ArtQuest has had the privilege of going onto my Favorite Lists!! I will visit ArtQuest often!!"
"Thank you for your excellent service."
"What a very efficient site !"
"I purchased a work through Private Placement and everything went smoothly for it being an international sale. All of my questions were answered within a short period of time and it was just a pleasant experience dealing with an Internet site that is as reputable as it is helpful."
"I'm very glad to be part of something great."
"Thanks Kat for your EXCELLENT service and your personal responses. Believe me - it gives me a very positive feeling about your company and I can not overemphasize the importance of customer relations so please keep up the good work!!!"
"You have an excellent site that I enjoyed. Hope to become more than a lurker in the near future as I sit on art the world should be enjoying."
"Truly fantastic!!! The artists are outstanding. I really enjoy browsing through and it reminds me of a 'private' showing!! And love your parrots!!! A pleasurable site."
"You are doing an excellent job. My Hat is off to you!! Walk in Love and Light!"
"I cannot tell you how impressed I was with your web page. With the ocean of crass design out there, real design excellence is medicine for my eyes. I know how much time and effort it takes to try to create a good page with functional content and user supportive navigational design. Thank you for your wonderful site."
"Glad to see a person's name, Kathy Kahre as the workin' person making it happen."
"I want to thank you again for all the help that you've been to me in getting my photos displayed in your art gallery. It's truly a wonderful gallery to be sure!"
"As an Artist and Web Design Director, I wish to express what a great site you have developed."
"I've checked out ArtQuest and continue to be impressed with how slick the whole process is...quick, in depth, diverse and accurate."
"I am amazed at how fast things happen at your site! No wonder you've received all those awards! Keep up the good work."
"My teacher gave me an 'A' on the paper and on the course. He also learned a great deal from my interview with ArtQuest and he kept a copy for himself. I can say that I learned a great deal from discussing marketing on the Internet with Kat Kahre."
"Thank you for being so prompt and organized in your notification and your website. It has been a pleasure dealing with you."
"Found ArtQuest while doing a (pulling-my-hair-out) massive search for sites on behalf of a client. I *really* like the work you've done! I'll be dropping by ArtQuest often. You've done great work!! Cheers:)"
"We were approached earlier this week by an art consultant who had a client for an art listing we have on ArtQuest. Just thought you'd like to know that collectors out there are definitely looking at ArtQuest."
"I am an artist and read an article my father gave me from the Christian Science Monitor about 'ArtQuest' and this new way of seeing and buying artwork over the computer...You were one of my motivations for buying a computer. Love the ArtQuest concept and the way it looks so far!"
"I've worked in web production since '96 and I have to say the user-end of your site really rocks. It's very easy, intuitive and just plain fun to see how everything comes together so your listing appears in real time. Hats off to your internet site developer and to you, the architect. You really thought this out carefully."
"Your site is very nice and we appreciate being a part of it."
"Your site is terrific and a model for the art community."
"Great site you have here ! It's the best looking of it's kind I've seen."
"The fabric of the great web is woven and embroidered with gems stitched to the net with threads to links like yours. Keep up the good work !"
"Your site is very nice. You - or your organization has spent a lot of time and money on it. It is very good art (the site design). Your site is beautiful."
"I have been visiting the ArtQuest site for almost one year and love watching the 'slide shows' on the main screen. Your site is, itself, a work of art."
"Back in the beta-test phase of ArtQuest, I listed several paintings and the outcome on one was a contact from a person in Brazil on business, who it turned out lives in Puerto Rico. I am in California. After a number of messages we agreed on a sale of a work @1,700.US. With the receipt of a check, I mailed off the work and it arrived safely and to his satisfaction. An amazing connection! Thank you! I plan to list more work again."
"Definitely one of the strongest fine art sites ever. ArtQuest shines with elegant efficiency. I make sure to spend quality time at this site at least once a week, just to hang out and enjoy all the art. It's really the best place for artists and collectors to sell."
"I like the democratic approach and your commitment to what you are doing. Keep up the good work. I just read your awards page! Wow! ArtQuest deserves it."
"Your site is quite perfect !"
"Just looked at your site, it's excellent!"
"We have recently sold two small oils from our listings at ArtQuest, so we are very pleased and are looking forward to more sales. We would also like to mention the fine cooperation and help we have had from ArtQuest since we signed on."
"Thank you for your excellent service agenting the sale of my art through Private Placement. You attended to every detail and were very helpful with advice on packing and shipping procedures since it was being shipped out of the country. Your site has made it possible for individuals to sell art without paying the high commissions charged by standard galleries. I will recommend you without hesitation. Thank you again."
"I accessed your wonderful site. Very seductive in it's ability to pull the viewer into the many different areas that are offered."
"I am impressed with the speed and organization of ArtQuest."
"I am an artist that has just discovered ArtQuest. It is an awesome site with great services! Very well done !"
"I tell just about everyone I know about your site. I think the overall concept/design is fabulous and the exceptional level of customer service that you show to a non-paying customer like myself is truly unbelievable. I can just imagine how well you treat paying customers. Companies like yours are few and far between and should get the recognition they deserve."
"Just wanted to say this is one of the classiest sites I've seen online - it is a work of art unto itself - great job!"
"I am very impressed with the thought and design that went into the production of your site. You all must be very proud. Keep up the great work."
"Congrats on running what really IS the premier art site. It's very professionally operated and a breeze to browse."
"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Love your site. I spent over an hour last night just browsing the listings. Nice work! I am planning on browsing some more tonight."
"I really love the ArtQuest site! It's beautiful. Great design! I will add ArtQuest to my 'Personal favorites'!"
"This is a well organized and interesting site... A good find. Very well done and the art is up scale. Your place is the best !"
"I never met someone, who works as fast as you! Best Regards"
"Good afternoon! I just saw my stuff on your site.....(sheepishly) wow! Beautiful, just beautiful."
"ArtQuest was very prompt in adding my images to your service. I was surprised, as was my husband, that they were on there already."
"It's nice to see such a refreshing site on the web!"
"Your site is what I like to see. Clean, simply designed, elegant and of course, easy to use."
"Well, it looks like I have sold the Windswept painting from listing at ArtQuest. I give buyers two weeks to return a painting just in case. So cross your fingers for me!"
"You have a very well organized site. Congratulations."
"I came into your Site and had a really good look around. A great Site with fabulous Content and very well constructed - congratulations must go to the designer or Web Master, and it's easy on the eye which is always important."
"Absolutely nothing needs to be changed -- it is absolutely wonderful to visit this site :)"
"I've been on several art sites and ArtQuest is the only one who seems to care about more than whether or not my credit card is good. Thank You !"
"Your art gallery is one of the most interesting on the net, and I am very happy to take part of it. It is very good work."
"I think I'm in love with Ruby and Rembrandt! I have been a bird lover for many years, and it's a pleasure to read your pages on the care and attention they need. Oh, yes, I like the art, too. :-)"
"I would like to say thank you to ArtQuest. I have made my first sale through your good offices and am metaphorically over the moon."
"The system works! I'm looking forward to wonderful things on ArtQuest. :)"
"You have a very nice website. I really enjoyed the slide show on the opening pages."
"I am enjoying your service immensely. Very courteous, prompt and friendly... I am looking forward to a long term relationship."
"Your site, is by far one of the most enjoyable and complete in all its contents. I hope to reach your quality in the future!"
"You have created one of the most elegant and beautiful art sites on the web. The navigation is simple and the site well planned and executed. I plan to return many times. Bravo!"
"I am seriously impressed! Such quick response impresses me."
"You provide a much needed service and opportunity to the creative/cultural arts community. Thanks again."
"ArtQuest is an impressive site, very professional and well designed."
"This site is brilliant. By far the best art site I have found!"
"I want to say that I'm rather overcome by the service you offer to artists. I must confess that I am only gradually learning the scope of ArtQuest. More and more I realize how hard you must work to stay on top of everything involved with your site."
"A friend e-mailed your site to me originally, now I visit frequently. Service is excellent. The artwork I recently ordered was handled very professionally."
"You did not copy any site out there. ArtQuest is unique, well organized and the art is presented in an artistic fashion with harmonious colors. It's well organized for searching, loads fast and all links work great... What more can one ask for !"
"Very sophisticated and smart approach to selling art...I can see you doing EXTREMELY well in this business you're building."
"Your web site is outstanding. It should easily rate in the top 5%."
"I liked the way your site worked and the design is fantastic. You've got a great idea there at ArtQuest!"
"Been navigating around and the more I view the service the more impressed I am. A nice package. I expect it is the best out there."
"I am more than honored to share with the world your great customer service. I am impressed as you too were working on a Saturday night. May I just say this is the best customer service I have ever experienced. I thought for sure I would get a response sometime next week! Besides this, your web gallery is high class and I have no problem what so ever promoting it whenever I can. It is my way of saying thank you."
"I want to tell you how much I liked the job you did on setting us up at ArtQuest and how good it looks. Also I showed it to friends and they all thought it was the best thing since sliced bread (they loved it). Thanks again."
"Thanks Kat, you're a rarity in this business. Nice as well as fast. Thanks again."
"The most important thing in the world is a fast server -- that you have -- so what else can I possibly ask for?!"
"Your site is terrific! This is exactly what I've been looking for!"
"Your site is very nice. I like it! Congratulations."
"I have been visiting this site since the early 90s and have never been disappointed. I have also purchased art from this site and every sale has gone smoothly. I'm a staunch supporter of ArtQuest !"
"Fabulous Site !"