Artist Name: Mercedes Dadderio
Art Title:Morning coffee
Size (in.):H: 11.00 x W : 8.00 x D : 0
Price: $1,050
Status: For Sale

Morning coffee

Mercedes Dadderio

  • Morning coffee

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Additional Notes:
Mercedes D’Adderio is an international artist. Her work ranges from illustrations to murals. Her paintings and fine art portraits have been collected by professionals, celebrities, private corporations and members of the aristocracy, such as Princess of Monaco. Her work has been exhibited in Paris, London, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires and Punta del Este. “Art is a lie that tells the truth”. This is the Aristotelian definition of art that D’Adderio adopted as her statement. Born to an Italian family, she was raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where the successive immigrations made of this city an international cultural reservoir. Her father, an illustrator and fine art painter, trained her in classical realism. The artist recalls: “My father used to listen to the opera while he worked, and I, standing on a stool, spent hours peeping over his shoulder quite amazed, looking at the characters appearing on the blank paper.” This would later inspired her passion for cinema that led