Art Gallery Subscription: It's free to add a gallery and list one work of art for sale to have representation at our site. For additional representation, the Annual Professional Plan is $49.95 to list up to 150 works of art for sale and the Annual Business Plan is $149.95 which allows up to 500 works of art for sale. Interested buyers will email you directly and you will handle your own sales. You can also add, change or remove art from your gallery any time you wish.

Escrow Service: It's $200 plus a small percentage of the amount of funds being escrowed per this escrow service chart. Having a trusted third party who will temporarily hold funds while the transaction is completed will protect both parties from frauds and scams which happens all too often over the internet these days.

Library Links: It's free when you provide a Reciprocal Link back to ArtQuest®. Please keep in mind that you'll need to provide a web address where the ArtQuest® Link resides at your site and it must appear on the site that you are adding to our Library. Without a Link Exchange, it's $25.00 a year to list your site in our Links Library.

Featured Artwork Slideshow Advertising: It's $20.00 a month, or $40 for three months, or $60 for 6 months, or $99 a year.  The Featured Artwork Slideshow appears at the very top of our home page as well as at the bottom of all of our informational pages. You can also change your featured artwork any time you wish.